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Ele Monix's Story

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    Last week this time my mom woke up in the morning and said "I can't take it anymore! I can't walk". Fast forward seven days, and this morning, my mom was crying tears of joy because her lower back pain, which was destroying all of us, is completely gone. Dr. Armin operated on my mom Friday (it's now Tuesday). The amazing part is that we were scheduled to see Dr. Armin, to then potentially reserve a date for surgery, which would have taken months.

    But Dr. Armin's and his staff went completely out of their way to help my mother, and we were able to get her through this surgery in spite of the congested hospital conditions due to covid, and in spite of my mom's government medical group doing everything it can do delay, postpone, avoid any kind of treatment.

    The bottom line is this: my mom's lower back (L4, L5) needed decompression and fusion surgery as her nerves were being pinched and she was crying daily from the pain. Dr. Armin and his staff, over the course of a week of lots of work, gave my mom her life back, and relieved our entire family of the ongoing ache that we were all suffering due to the pain.

    His staff/team, Marian and Andrea in particular, were in constant communication with me. I had direct personal contact with both ladies, and was able to text message questions and concerns at any hour. And if necessary, they would contact Dr. Armin and notify me his response. Unprecedented level of service!

    Even Dr. Armin's nurse, during the surgery, touched base with me consistently. Thank you Marian! Thank you Andrea! And of course, THANK YOU DR. ARMIN.

    My family is endlessly grateful for your work and the support we received throughout this process. If there was a way for me to give more than 5/5, then I would give the higher score! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

    In sum, it's Tuesday now, and my mom feels amazing; we're having to remind her that she needs to settle down and stop moving around the house since she just had surgery on Friday!

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