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Moon Lee's Story

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    First of all I like to sincerely thank you Doctor Armin. It’s been a long journey with the pain due to my bad neck surgery from previous doctor you made me feel so welcome and to perform a surgery that not too many doctors could do I know my previous surgeon told me he will not go through another surgery with me and I was just shock but thank God he didn’t sometimes when I think about my surgery and if I haven’t met you as my surgeon what would’ve happened to me due to so much pain before I didn’t know what to do except pray and pray until I finally met Dr Sean Armin you have been a tons of blessing in my life and you perform a surgery that blows my mind when I think about it surgery that was so complicated and you even fix the previous surgeons mistake and you made me feel so much better through this intense surgery thank you Dr Sean Armin Neurosurgeon thank you to all your staff that always welcome us with smile. If anyone need a neurosurgeon contact Dr Sean Armin he is like a wizard when he comes down to surgery. I will put some of my x-ray pictures up so you can see how intense my surgery was. I only have a bone from C1 to C3 and everything is held on through metal hardware’s. I mean the surgery was so intense but I feel so much better now. But still I am very careful with my neck. Sorry about not putting up my pictures it has my name and my information on the screen so I to take it off. Also I can’t believe some people actually write something negative about Dr Sean Armin they woke up in a bad side of the bed.

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