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    As a worker's compensation claims examiner for 20 years, I read medical reports from physicians in all fields of their expertise every day. Spinal Fusions are becoming more common, but any time you are under anesthesia there are risks regardless of how common the surgery is. Over a 10-year period, I have been rear ended four times (once by a bus), and thrown from, hit and dragged by a raft. Needless to say, my cervical spine has taken a beating. I was scared to undergo a fusion despite how many times it has been recommended. The pain became intolerable and I finally was referred to Dr. Sean Armin for a surgical consult. I agreed to move forward with a single level cervical fusion, but not before I did my own background check on Dr. Armin. I conduct background checks a fair amount of time due to the work I do as a claims examiner. I want to assure you Dr. Armin has a squeaky clean background. No medical malpractice suits against him, no sanctions by the medical board, and his office and staff are second to none. Dr. Armin has surgery privileges at a hospital where some of my family members work and they too informed me they have "never" heard a bad thing about Dr. Armin. Now I have seen some of my files at work where the injured person is off work for 6-12 months. I was 52 years of age when I had this surgery and Dr. Armin was able to get me back to work after missing only 17-working days. This was important to me since I am the only person gainfully employed in my home, so I could not afford to be off work for a long period of time. Lastly, the incision Dr. Armin made was right on the fold of my neck so you can barely see any scarring. It looks like a very tiny scratch mark. I am five months post-op and if I had to rate my pain today on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the worst, I would say I have a 2-3 at best. I expect this to get better as I am still in therapy and my range of motion is almost back to normal. I am extremely happy I chose Dr. Armin and went forward with my surgical procedure. (I provided Dr. Armin's office with my cell number so that if any of Dr. Armin's patient's want to call me they are more than welcome to do so.)

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